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12 Steps to Multimedia Success

Here is a list of the current informational training blocks.

These blocks provide an overview of the 12 Steps to Multimedia Success.


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Invest in Your Dreams – 12 Steps 1 Block 4

Invest in Your Dreams Step 1 Block 4 Invest in Your Dreams. 12 Steps Program - Step 1 Block 4 What do you dream of doing? Take a chance and invest in your dreams. A hobby is not just a hobby. . It is a manifestation of creative ability. So as long as it is not illegal...

Give a Fish – 12 Steps 1 Block 3

Give a Fish Give a Fish - 12 Steps 1 Block 3 Give a fish. We will increase membership availability of the 12 Step program as our team grows. We will keep giving out fish in hopes that you eat forever. So stay tuned. Still want to know more? Watch this a quick video...

Multimedia Software – 12 Steps 1 Block 2

Multimedia Software Multimedia Software - 12 Steps 1 Block 2 Why Free Blocks? I received such a tremendous response from our first example block that we decided to create more. I plan to continue offering free coaching chucks, interviews and more. So stay tuned. Still...

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