Top 5 Community College Courses for Social Media Marketers.


Do you have a knack for social media? Are you wondering what college classes will improve your techniques?


Here are some choices that may shock you.

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You already know this right?

However, it is easy to forget, but practice is the key to our instinctual memory. Sometimes luck is involved, which generally through time from hard work and perseverance.

Research is only a fraction of that hard work. In today’s, vast Information Age, easy to become overwhelmed with data.

Many consultants are creating product after product to compete with varying opinions and the quickly changing the media tide. Moore’s Law has proven that the flow of information will continue to grow exponentially (Moores Law).

Top 5 Community College Courses for Social Media Marketers.

Often, you may hear me talk about education, and that’s because, without knowledge, success is limited.

It takes practice, discipline, and patience to build the proper process. It also takes hiring the right people to market your product.

There isn’t a magic formula. Success is accomplished by the accumulation of knowledge while applying the proper fundamentals, combined with the power of passion and dedication.

Common Questions:

Q: Why do you think a College or University education is necessary?

A: I’m not saying a College is necessary because it is not. What I am saying is that an accredited education is helpful for anyone to obtain. The same skills that are vital to any business.

Q: Do I really have to research my Niche first?

A: I would recommend that you do your research. Do it before promoting in any niche or sub-niche. You could just as easily target the wrong community, or offer the right community the wrong product.

Q: Moore’s Laws? What is that?

A: According to, “Moore’s Law is a computing term which originated around 1970; the simplified version of this law states that processor speeds or overall processing power for computers will double every two years” (

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The Top 5 Community College Courses for Social Media.

The courses mentioned may not be as important as direct sales, because money can buy great talent. However, the practices learned are an integral part of planning and development.

Besides, isn’t it wise to be versed in the processes and systems currently taught at Colleges and Universities?

Also, go out and buy a few similar products or services and test their claims. Your research will reveal more about your client’s interest and assist you in helping them to find better ways to solve their problem.

Marketing research should be done continuously throughout the life of your business.

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Doc Reo’s Top 5 Courses

Since Community Colleges have different section numbers and class codes, we will talk about the focus of instruction, instead. So let’s get to it!

Number 1: HTML and CSS

For those who still have yet to look up the definition, HTML means Hypertext Markup Language. Stay with me here. It is a language used by computers, that translates ones and zeros into everything we see and hear on the web.

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. It is another web language that defines the presentation of a script or HTML document. Learning these languages can keep you abreast of all of your web development and design needs.

Number 2: Statistics or Statway

I know, I know. I wasn’t a fan either, but data analysis is a key element to social media success. It is just as impossible as it is unintelligent to avoid.

Statistical analysis is necessary for planning, developing, and selling any product or service, so you might as well know the techniques.

Statway is a newer two-part statistics course, designed for Liberal Arts and Communications majors. The class is generally divided into two semesters, in order to provide a more focused one-on-one teaching environment.

Drill Down Photo by Doc Reo from Digital Media Marketing Basics Training Session


Number 3: Speech, Journalism, or English Composition

I believe completing one of these classes is a necessity. Two of them is even better, but finishing all three can give you a broader outlook. Either way, critical thinking, reading, and writing lead to clear and concise communication.

Number 4: Audio and Video Recording

The next two are divided between the audio side and the video side. It all depends on your taste, skill-set, and personality. Some like working with sound and others love working with moving pictures.


I love it all myself, but whether you decide audio or video recording, is all up to you. Just start recording.

Photo from video by Veanne Cao and Khaled “Tito” Hamze | TechCrunch

Number 5: Audio and Video Editing

Audio or Video editing is the number one class I would recommend completing, and then HTML. I would recommend it over Music, Photography, Journalism, and several other courses. Except for STEM or engineering classes.


I saved Editing for last because whether you choose to go into recording or editing audio and video, you will be editing sound or images. Anyone in business should be creating multimedia. I mean everyone. Social Media allows you to share details that offer an inside look at your business. It gives you access to more feedback and more leads.


Everyone already has a social media account, so we all should be social media professionals. Why aren’t you? Take a college course and find out what you are missing.


Get educated today.

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