Tips to Gain Traffic for Your Blog or Website

Are you a small business owner or entrepreneur, who is struggling to maintain your dream of recurring residual income?

Check out these tips to gain traffic, and improve your client base.

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The Importance of Traffic


In today’s ever-changing information age, managing a website is crucial for operating a successful business. Product Manufacturers, Influencers, and Service Providers often take advantage of the wellspring of opportunities currently available.

Soon this freedom will be lost to conglomerates, who have the ability to regulate internet speeds and control the flow of data making it difficult for small businesses to gain more traffic.

If you are a small business owner or an entrepreneur struggling to maintain your dream of recurring, residual income, then you will want to utilize the techniques below, and ensure that your clients continue to remain your clients, instead of or running off with your competitor.

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Common Questions:


Q: How can you take advantage of this short window?

A: Below are three surefire ways to increase and maintain your client base.

Q: Will I be able to afford to pay myself?

A: Always, and I mean always, pay yourself first. You will be much happier and able to focus on the business, instead of your personal finances.

Q: Can I really get enough traffic to maintain my business?

A: If you truly research and work the three tips below, then the answer will always be YES!   

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Top 3 Tips to Gain Traffic

The Workflow:

Focus on the following areas and you will build a process for success:

1. Understand your Audience

In order for your business to obtain and maintain recurring revenue, you have to know your audience. You have to be able to predict their likes, wants, desires, and dreams.

I know your not a mind reader, but analyzing the data provided by various available analytical applications can help. Data will get you one step closer to those psychic abilities that you were hoping would magically appear.


Screenshot of Doc Reo‘s Twitter Analytics Organic Audience.


If you don’t know your audience, then you won’t know their needs. If you do not know your customer’s needs, then you will not be able to provide the correct product or service to solve their problem.

2. Curate Entertaining Content

Now it is time to get their attention. You will want to share any promotions, sales, freebies, webinars, or advise through social media. It’s not just for hobbyist anymore.

Businesses are continually converting their offline strategies to online marketing. Their content continues to dominate attention, due to their familiarity and proven value.

You will have to make a considerable amount of creative noise, in order to promote your business, while utilizing paid and organic Social Media Marketing to brand your product or service.


Screenshot of Doc Reo‘s curated content on Facebook for iPad.


The best way to do this is to seek out entertaining content, and curate it in your own words on your blog or website. Now, I know that sounds like plagiarism.

That’s not what I mean. Marketers must think like Journalists. Search for three to five reputable sources; utilize the information these sources provide; critically review the content; write your view of the topic, and most importantly cite your sources.

Let me say that again, cite, cite; CITE your sources. This is also a great way to network with other influencers.

3. Engage Your Community

If you’re not engaging your audience, then your definitely not receiving recurring revenue. Since the 1950’s the advertising industry has shown us that the key to winning clients is providing what they need. Yet, some business owners believe that automation is the key to customer relations.

Unfortunately, we are all still human beings and we crave human interaction. Check in with your customers, don’t just send them emails and spam them messages about deals and products for sale.

Get to know them and make them part of your community. Deliver that good old fashion personal touch. The customer will always think of you first. Even when they see or hear advertisements from your competitor.


Screenshot of Doc Reo‘s TweetDeck and engagement activity.


Understanding your audience, creating entertaining content, and engaging your community are just the basic skills you will need to continue to operate a successful business.

It will also be the processes that you put in place, the passion you show, the quality of the product you provide, combined with mastering the steps in this article, that will continually keep your business profitable.




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