Simplify Your Time Management

Step 1 Block 5

Step 1 Block 1

Simplify Your Time Management. 12 Steps Program – Step 1 Block 5

How do you manage your time?

Is your time simply managed? Do you get behind or miss deadlines?
I find that when I take on too much that I loose control of managing my time. Do you?
It pays to keep it simple.

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Doc Reo’s Lesson Notes

Simplify Your Time Management

Tip #11
Only use one the three basic web fonts.
With the exception of your logo font.

Times New Roman/ Times
Courier New/ Courier

– Brand Imaging
– Branding Block
– Website
– Facebook & FB Cover
– Facebook Fan Page
– Instagram
– Twitter
– Youtube & Google+

Tip # 12 Make sure your logo is legible and/or visible.
Simple Rules – Time Rules

– Website
– Website Block
– User Access
– Content Management
– Blog
– Widgets
– Social Media
– Linking

Tip # 10 iPhone recording. Plug it in and make sure it has enough free memory.
In the next free block we will dig in to discussing a little more about Logos and Brand imaging. Nope we decided to do a mystery lesson based on your questions. So stay tuned.

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