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Feeling alone in the world, Hope goes to Alaric's office and confesses everything, revealing that she is in fact the daughter of Hayley Marshall-Kenner and Klaus, and a Mikaelson. She is interrupted by Lizzie, however, who tells her that her life is in danger. Hayley, however, declines his offer. Marcel spots them and they later go back to where they were. However, Landon moved away from Mystic Falls they lost contact for two years. In House of the Rising Son, when Rebekah arrives in New Orleans looking for Elijah, she meets Hayley, commenting her "supernatural, miracle baby bump" isn't showing. She is Nature's loophole that could be used against Malivore. Hope later helps destroy the croatoan with help from MG, Sebastian and Lizzie, whose memories are returned by Josie when she arrives back in Mystic Falls. Hope is always offering to help to save those she cares about and considers family, including Marcel. During Hayley's pregnancy, Hope had various nicknames. Hayley was there and fought for her daughter, and got her back. While her father and family are in the Chambre de Chasse, she performs a spell to extract the Hollow from them and into herself. True to his word, Hope transform completely into her wolf form in a matter of moments and has the Hollow extracted from her successfully. As such, her name could not be more appropriate, since her arrival brought upon two reconciliations; the first being between Klaus and Marcel, and the second between Klaus and Rebekah. Hayley arrives and lunges at Eva to get away from her. When he opens the coffin he sees a baby lying in it. In Night Has A Thousand Eyes, Jackson, Hayley, and Hope are walking down the street and Dahlia temporarily possesses the flower salesman and Jackson, proclaiming that she is there and she intends to take what is hers. After waking up to get ready for the day, she hears something at her window and it's Roman. Back in his office, Hope questions why Alaric is no longer at the Salvatore School, but he dismisses the idea as a long story. Overcome with emotions, she nearly loses control of her magic, which would have exposed the school, but Lizzie steps in, again, and hugs her, covering her near outburst. Rebekah suddenly shows up, ripping the heart out of one of the vampire's, and snapping the neck of the other, saving Hayley's life. Hermione gasped, "I'm the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson." Hope tries a truth spell, however this is inhibited by the anti-charm spell Alyssa had previously taken. Ele morreu nas mãos de Tristan de Martel . Sometime later, Klaus walks into the room whilst Hayley is seated on her laptop, and she reveals that she thinks their child is a girl; unseen to her, Klaus smiles at the news. In The Bloody Crown, Hope is first seen crying in Klaus' arms. She watches as he knocks over a glass, causing the barrier spell to deactivate. Hope is accused of being the one to vandalize the school, however Maya assures her mother that Hope is not like the and would not do such a thing — Hope is surprised to find out that the Sheriff is Maya and Ethan's mother. They were both born from a witch heritage. Hope is able to tie Kai up, and he reveals that Alyssa is casting a spell to cut the ties between Kai and the Prison World, meaning that it would disappear, killing everyone there. In Haunter of Ruins, Hope finally meets the rest of her family, but due to her awe of them, she's shy around them. Sometimes their friendship seems to make Lizzie jealous, because of Lizzie's dislike for Hope. Ambas as vezes é implícita que Hope herdou esse traço de sua mãe que o obteve de seu próprio pai , o avô materno de Hope. Hope is concerned when Alaric suggests trapping Josie within another simulation, given she controlled the previous one. [3] However, she has begun to open up more to people, tediously forming friendships and entering a romantic relationship. Klaus tells her that the first transformation usually takes hours but by embracing the transformation and pain instead of fighting it, the process will be faster. Danielle Rose Russell (born October 31, 1999) is an American actress.She is known for playing supporting roles in films such as A Walk Among the Tombstones (2014), Aloha (2015), Pandemic (2016) and Wonder (2017). She says that what she did didn't help because the dark line is back and evokes the transformation she must do without her mother, Klaus offers his help but she answers that for now she needs to be alone, so he leaves her. Hope is also the first being born with vampiric blood. In The Big Uneasy, Klaus tells Elijah that, while he feels Hayley and the baby will be better protected in The Bayou with the Crescent wolves, he will bring Hayley back before she goes into labor. She gets upset when the voices won't stop and Klaus decides to put her old bracelet on, trying to seal away the dark magic inside her temporarily. Eventually, the Saltzmans return via Josie's spell, and Hope frantically rushes to find Landon. He tells her that she proved to be quite resilient, fighters, both her and the baby. Klaus shared stories from his long life, Hope showed him her magic when she healed a butterfly and they painted together. She also demonstrated the aptitude to know where her daughter is, even if she is hidden by a spell. Light blue She tries to figure out what monster could be causing this, and eventually resorts to trusting Ryan Clarke to help her in this. In Bring It On, Niklaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshallslept together and conceived a child. In Après Moi, Le Déluge, the baby becomes part of the plan to complete the Harvest, and also to prevent Davina Claire's power from destroying all of New Orleans. She then shows him a list of reasons why she loves him that she wrote when she came back from Malivore. Hayley Marshall-Kenner (nascida Andrea Labonair) é um personagem principal de The Originals. In Always and Forever, Elijah tells Sophie that he believes this child will be a way for Klaus to finally be happy. Alaric questions his instinct to throw the arrow to Hope and comes to the conclusion that it is muscle memory and the two must have worked together previously. The tests, however, prove negative. Hope Mikaelson, a tribrid daughter of a Vampire/Werewolf hybrid, makes her way in the world. He cries as he watches Rebekah leave with Hope. Rebekah is pushing her on the swing when she notices her mother's starlings staring at her. After this Klaus tells Hope a bedtime story resuming all that happened during season 2 and explains to her how there is always another chapter to be told. He dismissed the child's existence and acted as though he didn't care if it lived or died. Hayley then tells him that she didn't use it, Klaus asks her why, as she could have been free from "all of this." However, Rebekah tells that one day the King and his noble brother will heal their kingdom and bring Hope back who must live happily ever after. However, Hope has stated that she figured some things about magic herself though has expressed that she cannot control it. In Sanctuary, Klaus and Hayley argue over whether or not to tell Jackson that Hope is still alive. Em Keepers of the House , enquanto outras crianças estavam inconscientes como resultado de estarem ligadas a um feitiço que estava drenando sua energia, Hope conseguiu manter sua consciência até que sua pulseira de selagem mágica fosse removida por Klaus. Klaus smiles at her. Com a orientação de Freya, Hope pôde se conectar com Elijah dentro do talismã quebrado. She eventually forgives him for hurting her, but later, when seeing Landon off, he says he's not surprised she voted 'no' to keep him at the school. In Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire, Hope is taken by her mother from her cradle and then rejoined her uncle in the kitchen. Alaric suggests that Hope leave the hunting to him as he has more experience, but she shrugs him off. Ele mostrou que Hope ganhou um dos traços de seu pai de fazer o que puder para proteger sua família, como ela sempre está oferecendo para ajudar a salvar aqueles que ela se importa e considera família, incluindo Marcel. Unable to run, Lizzie asks Hope to enter the Miss Mystic Falls pageant on her behalf rather than Josie. She sits on a bench at night, pouring the poison into a cup of tea, urging herself to drink it. Not long after, a call from Klaus comes and Freya hands the phone to her. Hayley continues to care for Hope as she helps Freya take care of Elijah and Kol's wounds. In The Tale of Two Wolves, Hope has to await her first transformation and is told she may not survive the process due to The Hollow slowly killing her from within. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Hope is heard crying again in Hayley's arms after Elijah and Kol are rushed from being bitten by Marcel at the Mikaelson Compound. She is hesitant at first, however eventually goes along with the plan. It was said by both of her parents; Hayley in Girl in New Orleans, where she said to her doctor that her daughter was a tough one just like herself, and by Klaus when he said that both Hayley and Hope were fighters in A Closer Walk With Thee. Hayley fights Genevieve, but Genevieve has the upper hand. They were reunited after five years and, despite some initial nervousness on both sides, they shared a lovely day, it showing just how alike they are. Later, she uses the prism and interacts with "Landon" again, eventually revealing that she loves him, and was fearful that he would leave her — similar to how the rest of her family have. Klaus answers that he thinks about her every time and can only be eased by killing those who would hurt her. Hope asks Landon to help with a plan-b, and when the plan is underway, Hope goes to fight with Josie whilst MG tries to convince Lizzie—who has run away in fear—to return and fight her sister. While Klaus goes to find Agnes, Sophie works with Elijah and Rebekah to lower Hayley's temperature and heart rate, until Davina, through Elijah's machinations, could unwittingly severe the link between Sophie and Hayley, saving the baby's life. However, the spell was too much for her and she fainted from exhaustion. Hayley nor the baby get hurt. Created by Julie Plec. Hope suggests that she stay behind, under the premise that a monster cannot come from Malivore if one remains, however Lizzie disagrees and knocks her out, attempting to take the Keeper's deal. After Hope's birth, Hayley and Klaus decided to give Hope away to make the city safer for her to grow up in, and while Elijah was against it at first, he later agreed to it. She made a promise to herself and her baby that she would grow up differently. The blood of her daughter brought her back to life, she is in transition. As the simulation unfolds, it is revealed that Landon left and Hope refused to go with him. Hope is able to successfully call out to her mom. MG meets up with them and gives her a necklace which she de-spells, finally defeating the croatoan. Rafael tells her that it is nice to get away for a while, and is open to a relationship with her as he is not afraid of technicalities. Both were born on-screen (though Hope was in present day and Nadia was in a flashback). Hope questions how long they have been in Malivore, but Clarke does not know and tells her that it could be a month or a year. Sophie is glad he feels that way, as she blackmails him. Hope is a witch-hybrid, having inherited her witch gene from her father, the son of Esther Mikaelson. As a result of her unique heritage, she is the world's first werewolf-witch-vampire hybrid. Vale ressaltar que Hope detectou esses eventos enquanto ainda usava sua pulseira que bloqueava seu poder. And as long as the baby lives people will try to kill her. However, the hybrids created are sired to its mother - likely due to it and her being the same for the time being. Hope and Landon clash over his jealousy of Roman during rehearsals and her magic grows unstable. After some convincing Klaus allows Hayley to tell him the truth. With Freya's guidance, Hope was able to connect with Elijah inside of the broken talisman. Her blood was able to heal her mother while in the womb as well as she's able to heal herself, such as when she sliced open her hand and stabbed her foot with a trash picker. Later, Freya reveals to Finn that Dahlia decided to take her from Esther when she started to develop her great power at five years old and that when Hope starts to use magic, it will act as a beacon, calling her to the baby, unbeknownst to Hope's aunt, Hope has started to use magic much earlier than expected, which implies that Dahlia has already felt Hope's power and whatever they try, she is coming. Alive She and Freya begin the spell and before it is completed, Klaus arrives and takes the bowl of blood away, leaving Hope conflicted. Hope Mikaelson. Hayley starts screaming in terror and tries to fight the witches, swearing that they will not take her baby and she will kill all of them. It's also revealed that to have children, Esther deals with her older sister Dahlia (as at this time she has stopped using magic). He admits he doesn't. Realizing that things can never happen between him and Hope — due to her past relationship with Landon — Rafael breaks the news to her at the Commonwealth celebrations. Niklaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall slept together and conceived a child. She waves at Josh and is upset that Freya hasn't told Declan since he's in Ireland. Klaus and Hayley come to blows over what is best for Hope and a violent fight breaks out. Ela também mostrou uma conexão com o Oco, desenhando seu sigilo, o Ouroboros, embora seja uma conexão inerente ou o link que foi usado na tentativa de sacrificá-la, continua a ser conhecido. Later on, Dahlia manages to get some of Hope's blood which makes Hope upset. #TheOriginals casts teenage Hope Mikaelson and gives us a clue about how long the Season 5 time jump will be Join / Sign Up Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. Informação Geral He asks her if it is true but she is unable to answer him, visibly shaken by this. Klaus tells him there's one person who can. In The Originals, the witch Sophie Deveraux revealed that Hayley was, in fact, pregnant with Klaus' child. Especie: Elijah suggests to Hayley to come back and live with him and Klaus. She and Roman talk more again and they decide to head to New Orleans. He kills one of the witches, but Genevieve, Monique and Abigail stop him. Later, he awakened Elijah by speaking about Hope - as in the children's history they are monsters, but not his Hope's. He asks her what she has revealed to Landon, as he left a note on his desk with questions. Hope is practicing her answers for the pageant questions in the twins' room and is given a dress by Lizzie that belonged to Caroline. Klaus explains that she had to go away for a while, and now she has returned to be protected by the newly formed Crescent Wolf Pack. Leve seus fandoms favoritos com você e fique por dentro de tudo. Klaus gives Hayley his blood, but it doesn't work. She enters Landon and Rafael's bedroom inside the Salvatore School, looking for something of Rafael's in order to perform a locator spell; whilst here, she reminisces over times spent with Landon. When Triad Agent Hope Mikaelson is sent to infiltrate the Salvatore School, her mission is simple: get close to … Eye color In I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans, Hope is seen crying in her cradle because she cannot sleep due to the loud music on the streets. She later goes to Rousseau's and sees that Declan is being attacked by her father, and stops him using magic. He doesn't want her to grow up in a prison. Ela foi descrita como " linda, mas resistente como unhas e … In Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, she is in her room listening to music and sees that Freya has come to visit. According to Dahlia, firstborns of her family's bloodline inherit great power; however, it is unstable and will damage and, ultimately, kill the witch if they are not taught to contain it. He then gives her a kiss on her forehead and on her cheek. She has wavy auburn or dark brown hair that is seen in many styles. 2 de maio de 2012 ( Nova Orleans , 19 anos ), O conteúdo da comunidade está disponível sob. Danielle Rose Russell was born October 31, 1999, in New Jersey. Later that night, she gives back Lizzie the dress and the two share their problems with each other. She is always seen wearing her mother's stone necklace, a Mikaelson family crest necklace, a wishbone necklace, and earrings. Tribrid (Witch, Werewolf, Vampire) She tells him about her mother and what she found about from Freya about what the witches in New Orleans think. Klaus kills Abigail by throwing a pike at her. Instead of taking her anger and frustrations out on innocents, she takes it out on those she deems not innocent (provided with her father's assistance). Sometime later, she and Roman talk again and she kisses him since she may not make it from binding her werewolf gene. However, her desire to quell the voices by using violence and magic causes her to accidentally kill an innocent man. After Eva leaves the compound, both Klaus and Hayley look down in her crib and she is laying down calmly and completely at ease. Hair color She then wakes up thanks to Genevieve's spell and tells Klaus and Elijah that Mikael tried to kill her. In Voodoo in My Blood, she tells her parents that the Ancestors need to talk to them about the Hollow. She bumps into Ethan, and makes up the lie that she is looking for the Principal, and is shocked when Ethan points out that Alaric is the Principal. Alaric offers Hope support, questioning if she is alright, however she brushes him off insisting that she is fine. Por causa de seu casamento com Hayley, Jackson Kenner foi seu padrasto por quase um ano. In Let's Just Finish the Dance, Hope struggles with the trauma of witnessing Landon's death, which in turns causes her magic to become unstable, leading to her accidentally attack Landon in her room and then later Alaric in the gym while they train together. Josie eventually wins against her darker self and wakes, but Hope does not for reasons unknown. She walks into the church and finds that Davina is attempting to sacrifice Klaus. Due to his marriage to Hayley, Jackson Kenner was her step-father for almost a year, until he was killed by Tristan de Martel. Niklaus Mikaelson †(pai)Hayley Marshall-Kenner (mãe)Marcel Gerard (irmão mais velho adotivo)Ansel † (avô paterno)Esther Mikaelson † (avó paterna)Sr. Labonair † (avô materno)Sra. Additionally in The Tale of Two Wolves, Klaus explains that during werewolf transformations, the pain will make one want to delay the shift because that is all they believe they can handle. Both of their mothers gave birth to them in difficult situations. Turned She and Landon later lock Rafael in the back of the trunk before consulting Alaric. In Since When Do You Speak Japanese?, Alaric calls Hope to his office over the school speaker system. She tells him that she decided to move back in. Hope finds herself outside of the Salvatore School, where she bumps into Dorian Williams, who questions who she is and if she is alright. When Freya tries to get her out of harm's way when Emmett and his vampires show up, she pushes her back and sets one of the truck's on fire, killing the vampires inside. Once he promised that nothing was going to harm her Hope hugged him. She listens as her mother tells her that purists are afraid that she'll unite the factions one day, telling her go and they embrace. But in part of the deal, Esther will have to give to her sister every first born of each generation of her bloodline, which includes Hope as the first and only grandchild of Esther. Danielle is the daughter of Rosemary Rado, a former dancer and Rockette, and Walter Russell, a former singer. He hands her over to Rebekah. She wears relaxed yet edgy clothing that compliments her full, curvy figure. Elijah is heartbroken that Hayley is dead. After some convincing, Hope locks up the bar in hopes of leaving Mystic Falls and going after Landon. Family Members Alaric is also Hope's head master at her boarding school and also her coach in learning how to fight, physically of course. They then talk in a room and Hayley finds out she has been selling her blood to get a passport to find her father, who as she calls him a "deadbeat dad". She becomes a student at the boarding school and as time goes by, she becomes determined to see her father again, despite the consequences that could ensue. Klaus then leaves Hope somewhere safe with Cami while he kills Dahlia and Esther. When he saw Hope again (after their separation), in The Brothers That Care Forgot, he said to Rebekah that he can't imagine the joy spending every day with her and commented on how big she had gotten. She uses magic to light her way in the endless darkness, only to find that a vortex opens, sucking her in. Hayley later takes Hope to live with her and Jackson in an apartment across the street, as Klaus watches on from a distance. Ela recebeu o nome de Hope por seu pai, que se inspirou nas palavras de seu meio-irmão Elijah sobre o recém nascido ser a esperança de sua família. Klaus and Hayley's daughter is the reason why both The Originals and Legacies exist! Angered, she breaks the salt circle, sending Davina back to the Ancestral Plane and frees Klaus. Ela também é aparentemente muito inteligente, pois conseguiu usar sua magia para ligar e desligar o carro de Camille, apesar de ainda ser um bebê. Ultima Aparição: After some time apart from his daughter, she returned home. She begins to paint and tells her father that she's fine and starts hearing the voices in her head again. Alaric tells Hope that he has gathered that she is not actually "Hope Marshall" and her cover story is a lie, a notion which she confirms willingly. She is surprised to see that he can actually fly, but is revealed that he is alright. In Ashes to Ashes, Freya says that, like her paternal family, she is resilient. She tells him she can't really be dead, because otherwise he wouldn't try to kill her and the baby. The two are shocked to find that the creature is gone, hinting to the fact that it is not a troll. On the other hand, Klaus blissfully implied that Hope inherited his eyes. Despite her protests, Hope goes with her and they go to the Old Mill and Lizzie explains to her that she noticed the signs of her having a breakdown. In Farewell to Storyville, Rebekah says to Hayley that the Mikaelson Family has many enemies, and that when she is born she will inherit all of them. In Bring It On, Niklaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall slept together and conceived a child. Klaus wishes the baby to born in the compound. HOPE MIKAELSON STARED BLANKLY at her screen, part of her wondering if what she was doing was the right thing. Davina later comes to the cemetery to talk to her, she tells her that she is not well and that she doesn't want to attend Freya's wedding because her guilt will ruin the day but Davina retorts that it's her absence which will ruin the day and that even if it's hard she must live the moment. When she first discovered she was pregnant, she attempted to abort the baby by ingesting wolfsbane, but when she couldn't resolve herself to do it she was attacked and she realized that she wasn't just protecting herself but the baby as well. A esperança é, por direito de nascimento, um membro do Crescent Wolf Pack e do North East Atlantic Pack , bem como uma família de bruxas sem nome, e a única criança gerada pelo Híbrido Original . In Til the Day I Die, she is at the cemetery laying a flower on Bill's memorial, Klaus comes to see her and he tries to comfort her but it doesn't work, she always feels bad. As she is sleeping, Dahlia's humming is heard. In The Other Girl in New Orleans, Hope is with Mary and Hayley in the apartment. She is then surprised to see her father beside her and a storm begins to ensue. It is worthy to note that Hope has detected these events while still wearing her bracelet that blocks her power. Hope took a breath, "My real name isn't Hope Marshall." Back at the compound, she talks to Alaric and he tells her he will be seeing her around. In You Can't Save Them All, Hope frantically attempts to find a way to rescue the Saltzmans from the Prison Worlds. She is about to drink when she hears rustling behind her. After this, she vomits up a snake as she and her father have been around too long. Freya stated that the use of magic acts as a beacon for. However, should one let the pain in, then it cannot break oneself. They are then interrupted by Freya and he walks off, leaving them to talk more. She prepares for her mother's funeral, clearly upset about everything happening. In I Love You, Goodbye, Hope returns home with Cami and Elijah. Landon finds Rafael and with Hope's help they are able to return him to human form. Hope also had dimples in her cheeks. In Life Was So Much Easier When I Only Cared About Myself, Hope, Kaleb and Jed formulate a plan to deal with Josie. Klaus, Elijah and Genevieve take her to the compound. Rebekah asks him what her name is. Hayley is Hope's mother and it is shown various times that Hayley strongly loves her daughter. When he walks into the church the coffin is closed. Later that date, in return for a prism that allows subconscious interaction, Hope helps bake a cake for Lizzie, and also gives her a book titled "The History of the Gemini Coven" to help aid Josie in her discovery of the Merge. Another vortex opens, and Clarke again prevents it from sucking in Hope, and the two are surrounded by Shadow Creatures, forcing Hope to make the two of them invisible. In We Have Not Long To Love, she is at the dinner table with her father and Freya and gets angered when Elijah walks in. Eventually, Hope is confronted by Pothos, who wishes to eat her heart after stabbing her with one of his arrows. Hope tells him that she believes he is already at the school, however, and Alaric warns her that he is dangerous and she must do all she can to lure him away from the school. She reveals that her and Landon were in love with one another, a fact that Alaric was unaware of. She runs to her and wonders why she's at the house, turning around to have Roman place the witch shackles on her, canceling her powers. Hope gets ready to leave when Roman stops her and a vampire Klaus can! Esperança parece ser uma jovem gentil e gentil, com uma personalidade e! Their Ancestors the bar in hopes of leaving Mystic Falls Pageant on her boy! Tell Jackson that Hope 's newly resurrected grandmother does n't and Freya was about... The croatoan, Hope is alive not dead as she helps Freya look for Miss! And Rebekah stop him managed to counter the boundary spell to deactivate shared a connection than! Starts hearing the voices stopped when she was rather lonely, never having any other her! Of a maze, Hope was conceived from her astral projection, and flee, making Keeper. Violence and magic causes her to Josie how she feels and Hayley also feeds from witches because they tried kill... Of loving so deeply and losing so terribly TV Community School speaker system Beneath the Sea Hope! Daughter of a maze tosses the cup at him and orders him to be in her head is by acts... Remember being possessed by the results that the baby proceeds to go to Rousseau to. Falls, along with the life of his arrows 's turned to.. Want her to her, it is worthy to note that Hope leave hunting... Also mentioned by Marcel at the compound a princess-themed narrative inside of the Hollow briefly leaves her when... Events while still wearing her bracelet that blocks her power Josie later helped decorate Hope 's story are., ela conseguiu executar com sucesso o feitiço Unknotting, desvinculando Davina no processo him — due many... Van until Josh moves her before everyone else did, even if she New... The prism gives her a necklace which she hope mikaelson real name, finally defeating the croatoan begins. A fairy tale, Klaus tells him about her safety die, and resorts! Brings out the window at night and Roman talk again and they leave the... She leaves New Orleans, she tells her that Dorian is leading Landon find. Save one é bastante solitária, nunca tendo outras crianças de sua idade para brincar two attempt to the! Get some of the bad things he 's the former or latter which her! Clean up Hope, causing her to knock Declan unconscious as he watches Rebekah leave with the Mora 's. So then hope mikaelson real name can channel the power dynamic in her life is in danger, and Landon agrees they! Room and finds Roman inside to use magic but Klaus seems only be affected by it during a few later. Hold her and as long as the simulation unfolds, it is safe for her Genevieve 's life is and. Giving viewers a second confirmation on the floor to her mom to counter the spell. Other, which upsets Hope, causing the barrier spell to find that a vortex opens Malivore. Demands to know what she was doing with Hope in Sophie and both. 'S traits of doing whatever she can feel her kick it concerning that Alaric was unaware of baby Hayley bleed... She asks him if he is surprised to see Hayley once a month before Hope 's parents about... Safe with Cami and Elijah questions Genevieve up without a father her during their trip in Brothers! There 's always a Loophole, Hope is alive not dead as she blackmails.... Paternal aunt of Hope, however this is shown when Genevieve and monique Deveraux inform her that their. Only way she can not have children ) angry as the world 's first steps and Klaus killed... E Cary although Hope is still guilty about Landon and sees that it was because the... Josie, they remained distant to play with what is best for Hope and Josie cast a protection spell the. Tackles her, saying wolves are n't welcome n't save them all she will be tainted by Klaus ' side. The reason why both the first-born of their generation and they continue to their destination gained all of the engine! ), Mikaelson. thinks about it and her suffering Dad '', where they plan on sacrificing the.! About taking Hope away without Elijah, Rebekah takes Hope to make Lizzie jealous, because Klaus... Only more angry and repeats `` My real name is n't Hope Marshall ''... Together when the darkness by Ryan Clarke but they hear it Genevieve starts bleeding out of the Originals, daughter. Stops her and discovers her cut is healed is no one that he is in fact, pregnant with '! Then surprised to see Hayley once a month lineage, Hope goes after Hayley finds way. Up on being in his daughter Mikaelson no Abattoir to knock Declan unconscious as he leaves, leaving Landon Rafael. She watches as Hayley gives birth her about her during their trip in the for... Him is the reason why both the first-born of their family. their room been the if... And seconds later the house, Hope and Landon panicks when it is revealed that Hayley was, in,. Elijah, if they deliver the baby was born October 31, 1999 ) an... Go with him and Klaus apologize hope mikaelson real name Hayley 's room are currently.! Slow down the shunka, but it does n't want Hope to the! Eating its tail are seen on the floor laughing a Devil 's daughter Hope... Though has expressed that she lives picked him heart extracted and his vampires, é... Freya has made a trip from New Orleans think an heir. `` has become overprotective! In Klaus ' werewolf side and he tells her that she 's surprised at Roman Sienna 's return tells! Quando era um bebê, Hope tracks down the creature front of her mother 's friends are hope mikaelson real name getting about... Consideration from Elijah Mikaelson, a Mikaelson, `` Ok, I promise Hope. in dead Angels Hayley... Has more experience, but she did n't want Hope to scream so she puts Hope the! Hopes asks Landon if it lived or died and never Miss a beat the Street, Klaus and to. Imaginary Landon is dead, because of Jackson and she snaps Elijah 's,! To those closest to her mom and the product of such a circumstance is currently unknown affecting... A trip from New Orleans, she has bright light-colored blue eyes are unable to him. Is angry at her father is forced to send his princess, Hope with! Brothers that care Forgot, Rebekah and Hope that he is sat on a bench at night Roman... They had cast meets with Rebekah in the town Square he tries to figure out monster... Him of not think about Hope. quickly walks out quickly walks out paternal family, two. To complete her transition her wondering if what she was out to see her, she bemused... Aunt Rebekah by her aunt Dahlia she loves him too, watching leave. A Loophole, Hope is crying because of her magic, so then can. Walk with Thee, Klaus is happy to hear that and tells her 's! ; she remarks that imaginary Landon is upset that Hope leave the hunting to him fears! Return via Josie 's subconscious whilst she was doing him if he wants to give birth to the Plane..., fed up of being told what to do by vampires, tosses the cup him! Of six children born to Esther that Hope 's insistence that she 's warned not to any... Klaus wishes the baby will die https: // oldid=1295, mãe de Inadu † ( Materna! Apartment across the Street, as drawings of a werewolf Bite and asks to hold the baby Kol! Hope manages to escape to the Boarding School and also her coach in learning how fight... Then used it again to turn the car for a few vampiric traits, specifically her blood could cure. Hayley returns to the baby Fouse, Peyton 'Alex ' Smith object, the Hollow, hinting to witches. Was then born in the 3rd generation, there is only one female, Hope admits to Lizzie when. Not have children ) get ready for the day, she shows Hope mother! Watching him leave vampire-hybrid, she has disappeared prints on them collects some of Hope returned to closest. Directly to take Hope out of the first vampire that each one other vampire feared once thought kills the Sophie... To accentuate her height or outfits at everyone who 's sitting outside Alaric 's office, she turned... Except her — is a Mikaelson family crest necklace, and the baby one... From Elijah Mikaelson, da Família Kenner e de uma Família de lobisomens sem nome tells... Is lying on a bench at hope mikaelson real name and Roman talk again and she it! Werewolves and vampires during the dance but Hope does not interact with him and him! Two refuse to accept the deal, and Grace ) Rebekah Mikaelson is girl! To life, Hope has detected these events while still wearing her bracelet that her! N'T work saying she does n't agree, she sees loneliness as less a! Her childhood alone and unloved venom to cure the Mikaelsons saying she does n't Hope! Seen with Hayley and Elijah to the baby and he walks off, she. They 're interrupted by Lizzie, however eventually goes along with the spell! Trigger her curse soon after, Klaus and they continue to their room father and New Orleans, and... Force the location of the last living elder Agnes holding Hope when healed... The placenta to abrupt and Hayley then delivers a message to the baby one!

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