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Jerome Broadcasting 


Jerome Broadcasting owns and operates six stations in the Top 30 Mid-Western market of the United States. The network has four FM stations and two AM in a radio market of 23 total stations.

However, these stations control about 35 percent of the advertising market, and four of the stations target the 18-34 age demographic which makes up about “24 percent share” of the nations total listeners (Who’s Listening, 2014).

This study will research the overall target market and circulation, to estimate and brainstorm the advertising capabilities of this broadcasting network.r website advertising, audio ads, and newspaper ads.


Jerome Broadcasting’s sales of current advertising will stimulate new regional and local ad sales. Cooperative relationships with local Television and Cable stations can combine and share local advertising contracts.

This approach will also support future social media influencer campaigns and partnerships.

2017 Top Radio Genres for the 18 – 34 Age Demographic by Neilsen 


Since Jerome Broadcasting is a mock company, it was necessary to model the network after an active radio network in a similar market.

In the Top 100 Media Markets, there are six States in the Top 30 from the Mid-West (Top 100, n.d.). There are also over 45 stations in each of the cities with similar radio markets.

Fargo-Moorehead, Minnesota has 48 which is the closest sample size for this study (Everything Radio, n.d.).

After comparing Fargo-Moorehead to Top 30 Mid-Western cities, it became clear that the Duluth, MN market would be a better case study.

Midwest Communications owns seven stations in this market (Midwest, n.d.). They operate two Pop Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR), two Country Music stations, and two News/ Talk Radio stations (Tops of 2017, n.d.).

The seventh station, which this study omits, is a partnership with CBS to broadcast Sports (Midwest, n.d.).


The Duluth stations are KDAL 95.7, KQDS 94.4, KTCO 98.9, KDKE 102.5, WDSM 710.

KDAL 610. KDAL (My 95.7) and KQDS are Pop CHR stations, KTCO and KDKE are Country Music stations, while KDAL 610/ 103.9 and WDSM are News/ Talk radio stations.

Like Jerome Broadcasting, Midwest Communication, Inc. also has four stations targeting the 18-24 age demographic (Tops of 2017, n.d.).

After observing the companies network advertising practices, it was apparent that all six stations share advertising revenue.

Similarly, Jerome Broadcasting will target regional and local dry cleaners, new and used car lots, indoor firing ranges, hotels, casinos, resorts, parking services.

They will sell advertising to restaurants, bars, music stores, insurance agencies, tax firms, real estate agents, off-road and all-terrain vehicle companies, as well as state and local municipalities.

Midwest Communications’ Duluth Market also has one station in Hibbing Minnesota.

Traditional Alliances

Partnerships with these local companies for website advertising, audio ads, and newspaper ads. Furthermore, the sales of current advertising will also stimulate new regional and local ad sales.

Cooperative relationships with local Television and Cable stations can combine and share local advertising contracts.  Using this tactic will support future social media influencer campaigns and partnerships.

Street Teams are another viable resource. Local promoters can canvas the through each nearby city which will increase circulation and offer new opportunities to for advertisers.

Jerome Broadcasting can sell live commercial space, offer branded giveaways, as well as combine partner advertising on the Team vehicles, pop-up tents, table covers, t-shirts, and stickers.

Actors and musicians can be interviewed live over the air, and or make guest appearances to increase local listener participation, which is also an excellent opportunity for the station to start influencer recruitment.

Figure 1: Advertisement for Dead On Arms Firing Range
Figure 2: Date Night Advertisement for Dead On Arms Firing Range
Figure 3: Advertisement for Black Bear Casino and Resort
Figure 4: Advertisement for Chubby Checker at Black Bear Casino and Resort

Social Media

Social media campaigns will also draw more traffic and advertising income. Partnering with social media influencers while producing promotional campaigns with soundbites, red carpet photos, studio cameos, and On-Air personality photos that engage audiences.

Promotional content will also be promoted on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, and Linkedin to extend the circulation of streaming and over the air listeners.

Contests and advertising campaigns that focus on branded content to promote online, and live broadcasts on Pop CHR and Country music will be utilized to continue to stimulate user engagement.

Figure 5: Advertisement for Music Go Round
Figure 6: PSA for St. Louis County

All Screenshots are from Neilsen and Midwest Communications.

More Midwest Communications Advertising Examples

Figure 7: Advertisement for Arrowhead Auto Body
Figure 8: Advertisement for Kari Toyota
Figure 9: Advertisement for 7 West Taphouse
Figure 10: Advertisement for 310 Pub

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