Invest in Your Dreams

Step 1 Block 4

Step 1 Block 1

Invest in Your Dreams. 12 Steps Program - Step 1 Block 4

What do you dream of doing?

Take a chance and invest in your dreams. A hobby is not just a hobby. .
It is a manifestation of creative ability. So as long as it is not illegal or immoral. Why not!?

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Here is a quick video a free example block.

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Doc Reo's Lesson Notes

Invest in your Dreams.

Tip #8
Do not use unlicensed music.
Dj's, Musician, Dancer, Singer, Actor,

- Music
- Music Use Block - Styles of Music
Music that fits the scene.
- Royalty Free
Loads of free music on the web.
- Stream Licensing
- ASCAP Licensing
- BMI Licensing
Online DJ's, Podcasters and filmmakers
- Original or Indy Music
One of the best options - Local Talent, Friends online, etc.

Tip # 9 Do not use squeaky chairs.
Live Session.
100 Careers in the Music Business - Case Study Todd Hommes p195

- Live Broadcasting
- Live Block
- Video Peripherals & Setup
Buy 2 or three of the same camera
- Audio Mixer/ Soundcard Setup
Internal or External Sound Cards
- Connecting to DAW
Software and drivers
- UStream, LiveStream, & Skype
- Hangouts, Periscope, Facebook
Free or low cost solutions.
- Adobe Connect, OnStream, Click Meeting, WebEx, etc.
Professional solutions

Tip # 10 iPhone recording. Plug it in and make sure it has enough free memory./
In the next free block we will dig in to discussing a little more about Logos and Brand imaging. So stay tuned.

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