Give a Fish

Give a Fish

Give a Fish - 12 Steps 1 Block 3

Give a fish.

We will increase membership availability of the 12 Step program as our team grows.

We will keep giving out fish in hopes that you eat forever. So stay tuned.

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Doc Reo's Lesson Notes

Give a fish.

Tip #4 Mic your Audio.
Other Consultants.

Tip #5 Wait till gardner is gone.

- Mics & Mixers
- Sound Block
- Various Microphones
- Pop Filters
- Mic Stands
- Behringer Mixers
- Engineering Basics
- Mix Minus

Live Session.
Give a Fish
Sound Reporting - Excerpt about writing for speaking.
Lighting Brief

- Cameras & Lighting
- Camera Block
- iPhone SE, 6 & 6S
- Lighting Options
- Go Pro, Pivothead & Camcorders
- Locations, Set Design and Muslin
- Exporting & Uploading
- Webcams & Video Extras
Tip #6 Turn off all fans and air conditioners.

Tip #7 iPhone recording.
Gooseneck, Lighting, & sound

Next Episode we will talk about Music and Live Broadcasting. Stay Tuned.

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