Independent Television Pilot for Online Distribution

Independent Television Pilot for Online Distribution Case Study Ever create a package for a film or television show?  Want to learn how to create a SAG Signatory budget? Stay tuned to Reo Bucks Tips for more...

Local Market Research – Umphrey Broadcasting

Local Market Research for Umphrey Broadcasting Case Study What do you believe?  "Do you believe you believe you Be Obsessed or Be Average?" Click HERE for more info. FEATURED ARTICLE...

Ethical Issues in Broadcast Management

Ethical Issues in Broadcast Management Case Study What is a real business without a code of ethics?  "Who is Responsible? The Ethics of the Sharing Economy." FEATURED ARTICLE BELOW...

Jerome Broadcasting Advertising Alliances

This is mock first look assessment of a small radio network that analyzes possible strategic alliances by brainstorming local advertising strategies in Duluth, MN.

Friday FreeWrites


Friday Freewrites are weekly blogs from Doc Reo. This is where he discusses random multimedia marketing topics for small business owners and entrepreneurs. The Freewrites will sometimes reference sources, case studies, journals, articles, and books.


However, Doc Reo also utilizes his multimedia work experience, his film, television and electronic media education, and the marketing techniques of his mentors and various gurus in the industry.


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