Be Hopeful and Persevere

Step 1 Block 7

Step 1 Block 1

Be Hopeful and Persevere. 12 Steps Program – Step 1 Block 7

Are you struggling to succeed?

Has your road been challenging? We all have difficult times.
Our gift as humans is that we are able to overcome any challenge. Don’t give up. You can do it!

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Scripting and Storytelling

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Doc Reo’s Lesson Notes

Be Hopeful and Persevere.

Tip# 17 Prepare what you are going to say before your start recording
Write a script, research and know the needed information

Episode 6

Scripting & Storytelling Block
Scripts (iPad, Pages, Keynote)
– Notes & Email
– Notes Block
– iPhone
– iPad with Keyboard
– Notes
– Email
– RSS & Podcasts
– Dictation
– Siri & Dictation
– Siri Block
– Taking Notes
– Quick Research
– Creating Reminders
– Timers
– Scheduling Appointments
– Applications & More
– Pages
– Pages Block
– AP Style
– Templates
– Keyboard
– Importing
– Exporting
– Flash Cards
– Numbers
– Numbers Block
– Basic Formulas
– Templates
– Keyboard
– Importing
– Exporting
– Printing

Tip #18 Legalize Your Brand. Register a company or your brand as a company. Whether it be Sole Proprietor, LLP, LLC, S Corp or C Corp. Make sure you have the correct licenses for your Country, State, and City.

My story. GTA
The Power of Broke.
1. Make a plan. Rip it up and make a new plan.
2. Just make enough to keep the lights on.
3. Own your brand
4. Believe in yourself
Daymond John

Long Hour
My Childhood
32nd Street
Group Home
Jason Yontef
Jeff Kaufman
Free Trumpets
Rise And Grind

Tip # 19 Learn about production budgeting. Learn about financing and business accounting.

– Keynote
– Keynote Block
– Presentations
– Templates
– Keyboard
– Effects
– Importing
– Presenting & Exporting
– iCloud
– iCloud Block
– macOS
– Notes
– Photos
– Music
– iWork
– iMessage
– Storyboarding & Presentation
– Storyboarding Block
– Frame by Frame
– Scene by Scene
– Rehearsing
– Speech & Diction
– Presenting
– Storyboarding Applications

Tip # 20 When creating video. Keep a Q-tip or Lens cloth handy for Lenses and screens. Dust lint and fingerprints can ruin a production, or you may have to schedule reshoots. Stay tuned for the release of some free tutorials.

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