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Reo Bucks is a consulting firm that focuses on the production and distribution of broadcast-quality multimedia. Our consulting techniques utilize the latest tools and strategies available to assist brand owners, content distributors, and corporations in achieving the creation of high-quality audio and video content for online broadcasting.

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Doc Reo’s 12 Steps For Multimedia Success

In the 12 step program we will be using training blocks to convey technical information.

That’s an example of a training block. A full block is more comprehensive and only available through a 12 Steps membership.

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Who is Doc Reo?

Mareo Lawson is better known as Doc Reo. He is an investor, producer, engineer and on-air personality. He has been a professional musician, actor, and dancer for more than 30 years. He also served in the United States Army. In 2000 Lawson became a crew member on many popular film and television shows.

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Doc Reo’s 12 Steps For Multimedia Success

In the 12 step program we will be using training blocks to convey technical information.

Mareo Lawson

co-founded Industree Entertainment, Inc. in 2003, and became the Vice President of Video Production. Lawson negotiated with Universal Music’s video production department. His team became the main producers of press kits and promotional videos for Universal Motown Republic Group. He has produced, and edited presskits, music videos, short films, feature films and television shows.
About Live Studio

In the past fifteen years Lawson has been practicing, and honing his talents, while studying online radio and terrestrial radio broadcasting techniques.

. Recently at Pierce College Lawson has held positions as an On-Air Personality, Engineer, Community Outreach Director, Technical Director, and Assistant Program Director. He also served for one year as the Program Director of KPCRadio.com and later the station’s acting Executive Producer.

What We Offer

The Reo Bucks Consulting Group offers not only his years experience in audio and video prodution and distribution, as well access his network of industry professionals. We will combine interviews from professionals, and amateurs in the industry, with tutorials, tips and lessons developed by our team of uniquely skilled multimedia coaches.

  • Learn what it takes to produce all your multimedia content from home.
  • Understand how to operate, or successfully manage a multimedia team.
  • Utilize content rich tools to increase your client base.
  • Engage in social media marketing to build your network and networth.
  • Learn how to build your brand on your schedule, and on your terms.

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